A Path Unknown

There’s the common saying that “familiarity breeds contempt.” I would argue that familiarity can also breed indifference or passiveness, specifically when it comes to familiar sin. We can’t always see our sin; it doesn’t always appall us; and we don’t always know how to actively change. Like a familiar path we don’t have to think … Continue reading A Path Unknown

A Few Fall Favorites

I wanted to take a break from “regularly scheduled programming” to share some current favorites going into this fall: I actually got this idea from Lore Ferguson Wilbert and her “Link Love” posts. I have been hooked on Lore’s writing for about a year now as she shares with humble truth what is both painfully … Continue reading A Few Fall Favorites

The Boomerang Burden

I’ve been studying spiritual depression lately, seeking to understand it better for mine and Chad’s individual struggles with discouragement and for many of my friends who battle this unwelcome companion. In his insightful book, Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness, psychologist and biblical counselor Ed Welch describes one manifestation of depression: “Everything turns inward … Continue reading The Boomerang Burden