We Sat in the Waiting Room…

We sat in the waiting room, just us and the older woman. She sweetly tried to draw Margaret out – saying hi, complimenting her hair. Despite our nudges, Margaret just shyly stared back. After some more attempts and some laughs over Margaret’s shyness, the lady light-heartedly said, “I have to ask, is she used to … Continue reading We Sat in the Waiting Room…

Food for Thought

Since Margaret was born five-and-a-half weeks ago, I’ve nursed roughly 280 times – about 92 hrs altogether – often from right here on our couch, looking out these windows (at more sunrises than I would care to in a month), “just sitting.” All this time “just sitting” has been harder for me than I expected. … Continue reading Food for Thought

The Pregnant Pause

When I started writing here, I was determined to be genuine and “raw” with where the “next three feet” in life were going. I still have that same determination, but I have recently shied away from practicing it, sometimes out of busy-ness, but more often out of fear of sharing my vulnerable thoughts and how … Continue reading The Pregnant Pause

A Path Unknown

There’s the common saying that “familiarity breeds contempt.” I would argue that familiarity can also breed indifference or passiveness, specifically when it comes to familiar sin. We can’t always see our sin; it doesn’t always appall us; and we don’t always know how to actively change. Like a familiar path we don’t have to think … Continue reading A Path Unknown

A Few Fall Favorites

I wanted to take a break from “regularly scheduled programming” to share some current favorites going into this fall: I actually got this idea from Lore Ferguson Wilbert and her “Link Love” posts. I have been hooked on Lore’s writing for about a year now as she shares with humble truth what is both painfully … Continue reading A Few Fall Favorites