The Write Season

9 thoughts on “The Write Season”

  1. As your mom, I affirm your gift (I watched it develop even when you adamantly refused to journal…where did you get that stubbornness?) and observe that, already, I am not your only reader. P.S., love the title.

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  2. It is the “write” time. You will be so glad to look back and be able to recapture these times when the memories fade, and they will. I am trying to overcome my writer’s block and record some thoughts too. Many fears assail me. Grammatical correctness is a big one. The lack of continuity is another. Should I write every day, once a month, or just whenever? Silly, isn’t it? You might understand. Fear of finding what I really think, feel, believe is another. If I put it in writing, someone may misunderstand me, be offended, or even hurt by me. So, for now, I am writing to myself. One of the significant times in our courtship (43 years and counting), was when we exchanged journals. I wish we could do that again.
    So, overcome the blocks, and write!


  3. I read it while unwinding after a long day at work…it made me smile!
    I love the quote by C.S. Lewis…It took me back to my childhood when I was in the front seat of my uncles car. We were on a West Virginia mountain road on a dark and FOGGY night. He was driving very slowly and I was sticking my head out of the passengers window watching the yellow line along the edge of the curvey road, helping to guide him around them….Go the next three feet, girl! I’m happy to be your passenger!!


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