The Boomerang Burden

I’ve been studying spiritual depression lately, seeking to understand it better for mine and Chad’s individual struggles with discouragement and for many of my friends who battle this unwelcome companion. In his insightful book, Depression: Looking Up from the Stubborn Darkness, psychologist and biblical counselor Ed Welch describes one manifestation of depression: “Everything turns inward … Continue reading The Boomerang Burden

Two-Part Invention

Today was a slow, rainy day in Akron, providing the perfect opportunity to finish my current read: Two-Part Invention by Madeleine L’Engle. I honestly shed a tear while doing so. I feel like I just lived a lifetime alongside Ms. L’Engle. While primarily focusing on her 40-yr marriage to her husband, Hugh, the book is an honest, humorous, and … Continue reading Two-Part Invention

The Write Season

This post is a little terrifying for me to write. I’ve redrafted it again and again. Supposedly though, I am a “writer.” I recently graduated with a degree in English; a degree that includes over 90 papers and one labor-of-love yearlong thesis project. By definition, this makes me a “writer.” But I don’t meet the … Continue reading The Write Season